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What is the best place to get daily updates on the fishing and river conditions (Maumee River)?
Go to the Maumee Tackle Blog.

What is the best place to get daily updates on the fishing and river conditions (Sandusky River)?
Go to the Anglers Supplies Facebook Page.

Where can I find this year’s regulations?
Go to the ODNR Site Specific Regulations.

I have no idea where to park or even go for my first attempt, can you help?
Click HERE for the official page of Sidecut Park on the Maumee River.  Find the link for the pdf map.  You can also just drive out W. Broadway St. in Maumee, Ohio, and it will turn into River Road.  This follows the river and you will see all kinds of places to park.  For the Sandusky River, just Google “Fremont, Ohio” and look at the roads along/near the river.  Once you spot Hayes or Bidwell Avenues / Avis Street you have located the right area.

Should the tail on my grub face the hook or opposite of the hook?
I face mine away from the hook due to the fact the hook will sometimes stick in the tail of the grub causing it not to move right.  When this happens, it is a wasted cast.  If the fish are biting very lightly or you are missing strikes, go ahead and switch it facing the hook as the action of the tail will be closer to the point of the hook.

wrjigsWhat are your favorite jig/grub color combinations?
Chartreuse jig head with chartreuse or white grub, I also like a pink jig head with a clear grub that has silver ‘flake’ in it.  I know people more than a few folks who swear by orange.  I have had days where a combo seemed to be better than others and many more days where it didn’t matter (within reason).  If you spend more time worrying about technique than color, you will have more success regardless of your combination.

What kind of waders should I use?
Insulated chest waders, the water is very cold.

What should I have on me when I head into the water?
The essentials would be your rod, stringer, pliers/hemostats, anything to cut line, a tape measure, your fishing license and an assortment of jigs/grubs.  I also consider a short handled net an essential, along with something to clip it on to.

Can I keep a fish that has signs of being snagged?
Do this at your own risk because I would hate for someone to get a ticket saying that I told them it was legal.  I am not an attorney.  If I legally catch a fish that I want to keep, I keep it.  A puncture hole or tear in a fin would not seem like enough evidence to find someone guilty, pretty confident they would need to produce evidence that I was the one that did it.

I see people unhooking fish underwater, what’s the deal?
This would be considered highly suspicious behavior and yes you can count on those people being recorded, photos taken, and an ODNR interview when they come off the water.  More than likely they will be cited, as they should be.

What are some things I shouldn’t do?
If everyone around you is in knee deep water and you are in chest deep, you’re probably standing in a great pool.  Don’t be that person.  If you join in to an established line of anglers, watch for a minute to determine their casting sequence… if people can somewhat stay in unison you will not tangle with each other that often.  If you happen to be on a boat, don’t anchor from the stern.  If you do, you and anyone with you will likely be swimming for your life.  There are so many things not to do, but I will end it by saying don’t snag and don’t litter.

wrfloatrigWhat is the float rig?
Basic example to the left.  Try using a leader that is 2# test lighter than the main line.  If you snag badly, you can often only lose the jig/grub.  This tactic used more than ‘lead head’ now.

I’m a non conformist, anything I can try other than the jig/grub combo?
Try a Swedish Pimple in plane nickel finish that is the shape of a shiner, remove the treble hook and replace it with a single hook with a minnow.  This offering is legal, but entirely too much work.

Do I need expensive gear or the perfect setup?
No, this is more of a ‘working class’ event and I mean that as a compliment.

Can I fly fish for the Walleye during the run?
Theoretically, yes, in actuality, no.  Most places to fish are stacked up with people as much as fish.  It would be difficult not to cause issues for other anglers and more than likely you would have a mob of angry people.  Having said that, if you went mid week, pre or post peak of the run, or any scenario where you found ample space… go for it.

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