Quiet day on the Vermilion River

It is hard to think of a more scenic place to fish in Northeast Ohio in the fall, than the Vermilion River. While fish cooperate some days and some days they don’t, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed taking in a nice walk along the river. Being a husband, a father of two youngsters in diapers and a gainful provider, any opportunity to fish is a blessing.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESA view of the picturesque Vermilion River

While the day proved to be more of a nice workout getting in a nice hike and walk, it was very peaceful as I did not encounter another soul.  The bites were few and far between, but I did land a few River Chubs and Rock Bass, species that I don’t really target or encounter all that often.  In the end, at least I had coaxed a few fish into biting.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIn their own way, they seem kind of beautiful

The most interesting fish related happening, was spotting what surely looked to be Northern Hognose Suckers.  The water was running pretty low and clear and the polarized glasses gave me a rather definitive look at the fish in shallower depths.  A group of three fish had the rather distinct look of this species, a species I have never caught, so I did spend a considerable amount of time drifting baits and flies around them.  I possibly had one bite, or maybe simply bumped into one, but it didn’t stay on.  Not that I need another reason to want to fish this river, but I will add this to the list.  Always neat to target a species that isn’t on the life list.  Guess I need to read up on the species to give myself a better chance for success.

Four days of bliss, an Instagram interpretation

It’s rare that I take time off from work, so this past week when I had four consecutive days off, I wanted to make the most of it.  My goal was to hit a combination of known places to hopefully ensure some catches, while also exploring new waters.  By week’s end, I was satisfied I had accomplished these goals.  The fishing was okay, with the highlight catch being a Bluegill that exceeded the “Fish Ohio’ mark.  Along with Bluegill, other species I encountered included Largemouth Bass, Pumpkinseed, Common Shiner, Yellow Bullhead, Rock Bass, and Round Goby (man those are annoying).

I did a fair amount of fly fishing, and I continue to gain confidence with this technique.  I do miss a good number of hookups, but I know practice and getting more experience is the best remedy for that.  Even missing some fish, I really was appreciating the scenery and simply enjoying the outdoors.  I reminded myself several times, it isn’t just about the fish.

Rather than my typical posing with fish, I thought I would attempt to be a bit more artistic with how I presented the content.  Below, is a selection of Instagram pictures from the week.  If you dig my favorite fishing hat in the first photo, It is from Good River.













The only complaint I have, is that the four days went by far too quickly.  I pray that as the days get colder and shorter, I still get out for a few more experiences like this.  All the fish pictured and caught this week were released.

Big Vermilion River Steelhead ends the year

CWF2012DEC16steelheadWith so few fishing trips in 2012, just getting out was a reward in itself. Add the fact that it was 60 degrees on December 16th, and I was having a great day before I even casted.

The water of choice today was the Vermilion River near Mill Hollow-Bacon Woods Park. For it being such a nice weekend day, I was surprised that only a moderate number of anglers were out. Overall, the fishing was slow, but I always say it only takes one bite to change everything. After quite a few hours of fishing, my one bite was the pictured Steelhead that hit on a fresh spawn sac drifted under a bobber. I owe some gratitude to the stranger last week who game me the eggs. A very nice gentleman that said he wasn’t going to be able to use them before they went bad. I guess I had good timing as I wasn’t even fishing that day, just had pulled up to chit chat with other anglers. Anyways, I was happy to put his kind gesture to good use!