Cleveland kayak fishing… again

CLEVELAND, OH – I had so much fun that was documented on the last post… I had to go back and do it again!  Sure enough, plenty of cooperative fish with multiple Walleye, Rock Bass, Freshwater Drum, and even a Common Carp caught.  There really isn’t any additional commentary to add, just that I enjoy this venue a lot.  There is a substantial amount of boat and wave runner traffic, but this setback does not outweigh the good fishing and neat urban environment.

A freshwater bonefish, AKA Carp from the Lake Erie near shore

  A small Rock Bass at the marina

Lots of small throwback Walleye in the lake this year

This Walleye went 14″, the best of the day, but still not a keeper

The pictures speak for themselves at how fun of a day it was, but I did want to acknowledge one thing I noticed.  My PFD was not on.  I was fishing very close to shore and was hot, most often I do wear my PFD and would always recommend that.  I can assure everyone the PFD was right behind me, not even an arms length away.

Quiet day on the Vermilion River

It is hard to think of a more scenic place to fish in Northeast Ohio in the fall, than the Vermilion River. While fish cooperate some days and some days they don’t, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed taking in a nice walk along the river. Being a husband, a father of two youngsters in diapers and a gainful provider, any opportunity to fish is a blessing.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESA view of the picturesque Vermilion River

While the day proved to be more of a nice workout getting in a nice hike and walk, it was very peaceful as I did not encounter another soul.  The bites were few and far between, but I did land a few River Chubs and Rock Bass, species that I don’t really target or encounter all that often.  In the end, at least I had coaxed a few fish into biting.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIn their own way, they seem kind of beautiful

The most interesting fish related happening, was spotting what surely looked to be Northern Hognose Suckers.  The water was running pretty low and clear and the polarized glasses gave me a rather definitive look at the fish in shallower depths.  A group of three fish had the rather distinct look of this species, a species I have never caught, so I did spend a considerable amount of time drifting baits and flies around them.  I possibly had one bite, or maybe simply bumped into one, but it didn’t stay on.  Not that I need another reason to want to fish this river, but I will add this to the list.  Always neat to target a species that isn’t on the life list.  Guess I need to read up on the species to give myself a better chance for success.