How a fish almost destroyed Allie’s childhood

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH – I rarely, if ever, do a direct post about someone else’s content.  But on great occasion, I find something so awesome that I want my small audience here to see it too.  Such is the case for a post I came across on the blog HYPERBOLE and a Half named “How a fish almost destroyed my childhood“.  I will warn that it is a bit graphic in language and description, sensitive readers be warned.  Trust me though, it is worth the read.

As I wiped the tears of laughter off my face the first time I read it, I couldn’t help but think of my own children and even my own childhood.  Myself, and currently my kids, all had initial fishing experiences expecting to keep a fish pet.  While I am not as gifted as Allie at story telling, I will say mine involved a dying fish and my brother trying to stuff a quarter sized aquarium de-chlorinating tablet in it’s mouth as medicine.  The fish was a whopping 3 inches, there were no fish tacos.