Easter fishing with the family

My son and cousin Andrew thrilled with mommy’s catch

MEDINA, OH – Easter found the family at an uncle and aunt’s house for some great food and fun which of course included fishing.  You just can’t live on a lake with the sun shining on a fine spring day and not fish.  I did do some fishing myself, but found myself having more fun watching and taking pictures of others.  I also spent some time helping the kids fish which is always a good time.  Who doesn’t love seeing the excitement on a child’s face when they catch a fish?!

With the family getting out together, and the kids becoming marginally able to entertain themselves for brief moments of time – My wife has been able to make a few casts.  I love seeing my wife fish.  It reminds me of the time before kids when she was able to actually do something even anything for herself for two seconds.  She is the perfect mom who sacrifices everything personal for her family, including myself, that require constant demands from her.  All of that perfection of a person, with beauty beyond measure, has me feeling extremely blessed this Easter.  Easily my best catch ever.

My gorgeous wife with one of her many bass

The ‘apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ does it?

Even my daughter wanted to be around the fishing action.  She channeled her inner Izaak Walton and opted for a long tree branch as her fishing rod.  She didn’t weave horse hair for fishing line though, just swished the rod in the water to help stir up the fish.

Even the best of days must come to an end, but the memories from this day are far from over.

Family man making for a fail fishing blogger

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH –  There are numerous websites that offer ‘professional’ advice to bloggers.  While I question some of the expert advice or even laugh at how the ‘professionals’ will contradict themselves, there is one thing they all agree on – it is never a good thing to go silent and not have new content posting at frequent or somewhat regular intervals.  I don’t disagree, and accept this as a fact.  The quandary that this has always put me in is my philosophy on when to write a post, “If I don’t have an at least marginally interesting story to tell, I don’t post”.  This is why my little blog will never rank that high on Google or any of the sites that score anything with a web address, I simply don’t post enough and the algorithms hate this.  I view people’s time as important and simply cant fathom the idea to mindlessly spew content to appear more legitimate in the ‘fishing world’ at the expense of the content being worse.

cwf11202016kidsThe lovely culprits… err blessings… that reduce fishing frequency

With a philosophy that is already pretty conservative about when to post, it increasingly works against me if I am not even out fishing to have an opportunity for something to happen worthy of a post.  I often wonder in my Instagram feed if the anglers are exceptional or is it simply they can fish a lot.  It also doesn’t hurt if those same folks live in places with exceptionally good water with good fish in it (especially true for those fortunate souls living on or near Saltwater).

At least I will say I have a wonderful reason for my low fishing frequency and the subsequent result of less chance for a post worthy happening.  This would be my amazing family.  I truly am blessed and wouldn’t change a thing.  As it relates to fishing, more than one dad has reiterated to me how fast time will go and that it is completely normal to have what feels like huge gaps in time not doing your previous recreations when you have a baby/babies.  I have already noted how fast time is going as my oldest is 5 and my youngest is 2.  My son is already demonstrating the ability to enjoy fishing with me and my daughter isn’t far behind.  I love the meme I see that circulates saying “Some people find a fishing buddy, I raised mine”.  In my case, I hope it’s fishing “buddies”.

cwf11202016jillMy wife recently fishing, a beautiful sight I haven’t seen in years

As my life now has taken me to nearly school age and a later stage toddler, I recognize some of the most around the clock constant supervision and demands are behind me.  While I am wise to know parenting and involvement never ceases (nor would I want it to), I also am acutely aware I am gaining ground on the ability to get out fishing.  I know my fishing experiences will often remain pretty remedial as they will likely often have kid(s) in tow, but I hope there will still be people who enjoy watching and reading along.  Maybe what they see will remind them of their own memories or for the younger audience, to see what might be ahead for them.

cwf11202016bryceA small fish provides simple joy and intrigue

Fighting a fish at the ‘big water’, Lake Erie

I’ve made it this far without giving up on blogging, it makes no sense to give up on it now.  It may very well turn out that for a period of time this blog will only serve the purpose of being a keepsake that my kids might enjoy one day.  For those that stick around through this period of time, I will continue to try to entertain, inform, and stumble upon some nice fish now and then.

A son’s first fish


The sun is shining and a happy boy is going fishing!

For avid fisherman that happen to be dads, I don’t know if there is a more exciting event than watching your child go fishing for the first time.  I was anxious to have Bryce catch his first fish, but did want him to be old enough to know and appreciate what he was doing.  I also wanted him to be able to take some simple instruction and actually feel like he was the one doing the work to catch the fish.  My hope was that this would make it even more enjoyable and I do know at 2 1/2 years old, he is quite proud when he can do something himself.  For once, I was correct on all accounts, and the evening was perfect.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBryce revered the fishing pole like a medieval knight’s sword

The venue for our first fishing adventure was the pond behind our new home.  It’s stocked with Largemouth Bass and Bluegill and figured this would be a ‘fail proof’ option for a short attention span and the possibility of not catching.  The only real concern was slowing him down as he was so excited I thought he was going to nose dive straight into the water.  I somehow managed to convince him that if he didn’t hold my hand and stay with me, we wouldn’t go fishing.  Although patience comes hard for a youngster, he did manage to settle down long enough for me to bait a hook and help him with his first cast.  After the bobber hit the water, it took all of a couple seconds…

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFish on!  Look at that bend, C’mon Spiderman Pole, don’t fail us!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSorry PETA, that fish stood no chance.  Bryce beaches the ‘monster’ fish!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe thrill of victory!


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAs all fisherman know, catching one fish means we caught ten

The evening was as near perfect as I could have imagined.  He enjoyed fishing and with each fish caught, he wanted to catch another.  A couple times the Bluegill he was fighting would get inhaled by a bass, which got daddy excited, but I did manage curb my own urge to fish.  There will be plenty of time for me to chase those, and this was far too special of an evening to miss any of the joy Bryce was having.  As I sat in the grass watching him catch fish on our own property, with my beautiful wife snapping photos, all I could think is how blessed and thankful I am.  I pray everyone could have the happiness I felt tonight, life is good!