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An unofficial record trout in Idaho

An unofficial record trout in Idaho

It’s not that often that I post stories from outside of Ohio or the expanded Great Lakes Region.  When I came across a ‘jaw dropping’ photo of an enormous Rainbow Trout in a recent news feed, I knew I would be making an exception.  Take a look for yourself; Larry Warren with his 32 inch, … Continue reading

Year end recap, 2015 goals

Year end recap, 2015 goals

An annual review, along with setting goals for the new year, is commonplace for most anglers. For anglers who blog like myself, it makes it into a formal post like this but even the most casual anglers usually say things like “I sure hope this year I catch a” or “this year I’d like to … Continue reading

Passport to Fishing Program with N.R.F.C.

Passport to Fishing Program with N.R.F.C.

With the recent move to North Ridgeville, we didn’t know our community had an annual festival.  Fortunately, a co-worker let me know about the Corn Festival this past week and that it was happening this weekend.  Having a 4 month old and an almost 3 year old keeps me from being spontaneous with plans, but … Continue reading

First Facebook milestone

A big thank you to those folks who have taken the time to “like” CWF on Facebook.  For a humble little fishing blog, I was very happy to reach 100.  Glad to know at least a few people enjoy hearing my stories and seeing my photos.  Thanks again everyone, and let’s keep the lines tight!

Domain change, Huron to North Ridgeville

I need to announce that the family’s domain, in real life, has changed.  We had an enjoyable time in Huron but had outgrown our home.  My wife and I took this as an opportunity to move closer to both of our jobs, as well as, significantly closer to a large amount of extended family.  We ended up in … Continue reading

An unfishable start to 2014

A view of the flooded Huron River at the Milan Wildlife Area I like to think of myself as a resourceful multi species angler that knows fishing options year round and under any condition.  There is one scenario that gives me fits, and of course that’s what I had to deal with when I finally had a day to get out … Continue reading

Year end recap, 2014 goals

The author’s first ever catch of a Grass Carp highlighted 2013 Sadly, highlighting 2013 will not take much time.  In typical fashion of the past few years, I do well getting out for a couple months and then the rest of the year there is little to no fishing.  Early in 2013, I managed Brook, Brown … Continue reading

CoolWaterFish has moved to WordPress

I want to bring 2013 in with style, and this means migrating to a new format for the site. After countless hours just debating whether the undertaking is worth it, or just scrap doing a fishing site altogether, I’ve decided to give it one last hoorah on WordPress. Trying to be a great husband, father … Continue reading