CoolWaterFish originates out of North Ridgeville, Ohio.  I am not a professional angler, journalist, outdoorsman or photographer.  I am simply an enthusiast.

The author enjoying the Rocky River in Olmsted Falls, Ohio

Back in 2002, I created CWF as a website for the function of keeping track of my catches and personal fishing related accomplishments.  Being a passionate multi-species angler, this mostly meant maintaining a ‘life list’ of caught species and adding or trading out photos as new species were caught or upgraded. Early on, I noted one distinct difference from my site and the majority of fishing related sites I visited.  I appreciated anything I was catching, whether targeted or inadvertent, whether the species was popular or unpopular.  This was especially notable when it came to species often referred to as ‘rough fish’. While these fish were only discussed in the context of ruining a fishing trip or being destroyed, I was enjoying catching and reporting on them.  Fortunately, there were just enough like-minded folks that seemed to enjoy hearing about my adventures – to keep me motivated to maintain the site.  As time went by, I noticed the audience of anglers interested in a wider variety of fish, increased significantly.  Whether this was due to tackle manufacturers realizing they could sell more products if people chased more types of fish, or maybe InFisherman covering more species in their magazines and TV shows, maybe the influence of European carp anglers, I’ll never know.  What I do like to think, in some very small way, I got to play a part.  After all, thousands of people over a decade plus were greeted to my personal philosophy on the homepage that read…

“I consider pursuing any fish in it’s native environment with hook & line to be sporting, therefore, any species can be a sportfish”

It has been very enjoyable watching so many opinions shift regarding a lot of fish species, and I have fun saying, “I was catching carp before it was cool”.  All kidding aside, I’m just happy to see the progress that has been made.  I also know that one quick visit to any fishing forum, or public fishing area, will also yield plenty of commentary that proves there is plenty of work to do, and I will stay committed and vigilant to my cause.

So I will continue to catch fish and post about my on the water experiences, hopefully continuing to recruit more enthusiasts of all things with fins.  I try be a good example of ethical angling utilizing both selective harvest and catch & release fishing.  I am not exclusive to any one type of fishing, so you should expect to see diversity in not only the fish I catch, but the methods I use to catch them.  One day, I might be delicately presenting flies to trout in a quiet stream, the next day I might be in an urban river drowning a glob of bait hoping for a big catfish.

Throw in a little entertainment, an article here and there, some news and resources and that rounds out what CWF is about.  I thank you for taking the time to learn more about this humble blog and encourage feedback.  I enjoy hearing from people, so please reach out!

Best regards,

EMAIL:  coolwaterfish@yahoo.com


  1. Mark thibodeau says:

    Hey adam. I am the dude in the kayak. Do you have any pics of the
    Fish you can send or post cheers mark thibodeau ellington ct
    Mark.thibodeau @hs.utc.com

  2. Richard Parker says:

    Nice meeting you today-Adam at Huntington Beach.
    Richard and Cheletha

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