Ice Ice Baby

BEREA, OH – Alright stop, collaborate and listen, I walked on ice and did some fishin’.

Okay, sorry about that, 1990 was calling me.

As someone who is hyper-cautious about ice being safe, it’s pretty rare when I can get out ice fishing.  It just doesn’t seem like we get those nice long periods of time below freezing.  Many winters, I don’t even make it out once.  With the recent prolonged freeze, I was ready to take full advantage of the opportunity.  What made it even better, I sufficiently assured my wife it was safe, so my son could join me.  I’ll get right to the point and acknowledge we were skunked, which was beyond disappointing as it was my son’s first ice fishing experience – but surprisingly he still thought it was fun!  Kid’s can be pretty amazing, and today I learned from him as he played and laughed, thoroughly filled with joy, despite a single bite.

Bryce with his created fishing buddy!

We felt isolated, no action, and found ourselves talking to “Wilson”

Big shout out to my buddy Greg for providing sled rides while I watched the rods

Fishing is always more fun when you are catching, there’s no denying that.  I’m sure there are even people wondering why I would post on a trip that wasn’t successful in the slightest way.  I guess it is an attempt to remind people it isn’t only about the fish.  If I would have stayed home, I wouldn’t have remembered what I watched on TV within a few days, my son wouldn’t have remembered what video game he played.  I am certain he will remember this day, how much fun it was, and only marginally diminished by not catching fish.

If you were here only to see fish, and were unmoved by attempt to inspire, remember you can always view the more talented anglers around the Cleveland Metroparks on their Fishing Report.

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