Cabela’s opens in Avon, Ohio

CWF08112016Father and son, yep, we were there opening day!

AVON, OH – In case you live under a rock or otherwise do not communicate with the outside world, a Cabela’s ( store is now in Northeast Ohio!  The doors opened to the general public on August 11th with quite a bit of fanfare.  Being that it was a weekday, I was unable to go early for any of the fanfare and giveaways, but I did take my son that evening.  I guess I do consider this something historic, and wanted to be there on day one.

Cabela’s has a special place in my heart, which might be hard to understand without explanation.  Years ago, while living in Toledo, Ohio, I came to enjoy the Cabela’s in Dundee, Michigan.  I have many great memories shopping there, and fishing in the local area (River Raisin).  The extended family would also do an annual fishing vacation to the Upper Peninsula, and this store was always a stop on the way for gear/supplies and our Michigan fishing license.  Lastly, it was a destination that my future wife and I did a road trip to, when we were newly dating.  All of these great memories, make it a bit of a landmark on the map, and my life.

I am so happy they are now closer to home.

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