Cooler weather, bass still hot

It wont be long before we are all longing for the warm weather and days with more light.  Even on the north coast of Ohio where the colder weather months reward us with Steelhead fishing and excellent ice fishing opportunities, I still find myself wanting to hold on to every day of ‘T-shirt weather’.  I’ve done an excellent job getting out fishing lately, but only one notable fish worthy of sharing.

CWF09272015lmbAfter countless Bluegill, a good Largemouth Bass

Certain water I fish has an abundance of Bluegill and Pumpkinseed, so much so that it is hard to catch anything else.  If you are persistent and patient, at times you can be rewarded with some nice fish.  This was the case recently when a solid Largemouth Bass showed the panfish who was boss, and beat everyone else to the fly.  Maybe one day I will get good enough to figure out some flies the panfish ignore and only trigger the bass, but for now I enjoy the work of catching everything and the excitement when a fish like this is landed.  My 4 year old son has been joining me and catching plenty of bass on bait, so the bass truly are still very active.  I hope it stays this way for awhile!

CWF09302015bullA surprise bullhead on an olive Woolly Bugger

Anyone who fishes regularly knows what you expect to catch and what decides to bite can be surprising.  This recently proved true for me when a bullhead decided to take my fly.  For whatever reason, even when bottom fishing, I don’t encounter bullhead often so it was cool to see something different.


  1. Very cool! You are probably getting ready for the steelhead run right now, just like us here in Western New York! Feel free to check out my blog; I recently wrote one about steelhead fishing and the upcoming fall season.

    • I’m enjoying your blog and have read quite a few posts. Sounds like your Steelhead pattern is what I do over here in Ohio. This past week we started having good catches of Steel around the mouths and even a little ways upstream. I am hoping to catch one from the kayak, something I haven’t managed yet!

      • Thanks! I don’t have much experience with writing, but I love the outdoors and it is a good way to help others out as well as keep some memories for us! Yes, the action is heating up on the larger Lake Erie tributaries. We just got a significant amount of rain and the temperatures dropped last week which brought in a lot of fresh fish that are already scattered throughout the streams. Archery season is also in full swing now so it is difficult to tackle both hobbies, but I am sure I will find a way!

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