Fun on the fly

Bluegill on the 4 wt.Bluegill on the 4 wt. makes for a fun evening distraction

Weekday fishing has not been a reality for me in a very long time.  Whether it’s long hours of work, domestic chores or looking after a baby and a  2 1/2 year old, it just doesn’t happen.  The great equalizer at the new home, is the pond in the backyard.  With this convenience, I should be able to squeeze some fishing in routinely.  Now, even a 15 minute window of time, can be time spent making a few casts.  I decided that I would treat the pond as a place to work on my fly fishing skills, and have had fun catching Bluegill.  I am confident a more proficient fly fisherman would find the pond almost unsporting at the ease of catching fish, but for me, it takes a little work and provides steady action to build confidence with the fly rod.  In time, hopefully enough confidence to not take spinning gear with me on a trip that would otherwise allow either technique.  The pond does have a few unique aspects that will give me some goals to aim for.  The first goal would be to catch a Largemouth Bass.  It is going to take some experimenting to find the right fly and size to induce a bass bite, over the voracious and more numerous Bluegill.  The ‘holy grail’ for the pond, is coaxing one of the Grass Carp (White Amur) into taking a fly, if and when I am fortunate to have this happen, I hope it is not on the 4 wt. or I will be in trouble!  I look forward to posting about the pond and my success or lack thereof fishing it.

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