White Bass run starting on the Sandusky River

InstagramWBmay102014Well let me start by saying I apologize for the intro picture where I am shoving the fish down the camera lens.  I was excited to do an Instagram photo and just wanted to use a little artistic license.  It was a dandy of a White Bass, but of course it’s never easy to judge when you hold a fish out like that.  Please forgive me.

The Walleye Run is over by most accounts, but I was thrilled to be on the front end of the White Bass Run.  It seems like deja vu with 2013, no time during the Walleye, but a better schedule by the time the White Bass were showing up.  I ended up fishing north of Fremont, Ohio, with my friends Darrin and Leo.  Overall, the results were pretty good with plenty of White Bass, White Perch, Channel Catfish and a single giant Freshwater Drum.  A few carp and buffalo were inadvertently snagged into, all popping off before coming to the net.  The majority of the fish hit on Emerald Shiners on a 1/32 oz. jig, under a float.  The bite was best right at dusk and shortly into the night, right as we were leaving.  The next few weeks should be good!


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