Domain change, Huron to North Ridgeville

I need to announce that the family’s domain, in real life, has changed.  We had an enjoyable time in Huron but had outgrown our home.  My wife and I took this as an opportunity to move closer to both of our jobs, as well as, significantly closer to a large amount of extended family.  We ended up in North Ridgeville for a variety of reasons including reasonable taxes, good public schools, decent highway access and quite frankly we found the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood.

Since having CoolWaterFish as a website/blog, the years have found me as a bachelor in Toledo, to Port Clinton as I met my future wife, to Huron in our first home together and now our likely ‘forever’ home (God willing).  I have loved all of the communities I have been fortunate enough to call home, and hope North Ridgeville will be the same way.  It is hard to believe that being 15-20 minutes from Lake Erie, is the furthest I have been from it, in better than a decade.  I look forward to finding what my new ‘home waters’ will be, but I am very excited to report I have a pond at the new house.  I have seen Bluegill, Largemouth Bass and Grass Carp (I apologize, in this neighborhood I probably need to say White Amur) cruising the shallows and look forward to being able to fish with a short walk to the backyard.

Many previous places I liked to fish are within a reasonable drive, and some better waters are notably closer.  The Rocky River is one of the more exciting bodies of water I am closer to now, and I am very curious about the Black River – that will now be the closest tributary to where I live.  There are new Lake Erie shoreline parks to discover and even a small lake right in North Ridgeville.  I look forward to exploring on my own, and also hope to find some ‘locals’ who know the scene.

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