ODNR Spring trout stocking and fishing lottery

CWF03232014ODNRtroutThe author showing a typical ‘stocker’ trout catch

A sure sign of spring is the release of the ODNR trout stocking schedule.  Whether you agree in philosophy or not of this type of ‘put & take’ fishing, it is a lot fun and I always see plenty of kids attending the venues where this is done.  It allows for some guilt free catch & keep, one of the few times of year where I smoke a good number of fish.  The fishing can even be a challenge at times, proving for a little more sport than what one might expect.

So here it is, the 2014 Spring Rainbow Trout stocking schedule;

Another announcement is the Castalia trout fishing lottery.  The application process is only open until the end of March each year, so don’t delay.  I have never been fortunate enough to win, but always am excited to apply for my annual denial.

Lottery information can be found here;

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