An unfishable start to 2014

A view of the flooded Huron River at the Milan Wildlife Area

I like to think of myself as a resourceful multi species angler that knows fishing options year round and under any condition.  There is one scenario that gives me fits, and of course that’s what I had to deal with when I finally had a day to get out fishing.  This awful scenario looks something like;

  • Cold enough for ice cover on lakes, reservoirs and ponds – but not safe enough for ice fishing
  • Any combination of rain or snow with a melt off causing the tributaries to be blown out

Let me add that when the two above things take place on the weekend, it sends the masses to the few spring- fed creeks that don’t freeze.  This makes the limited water available to fish, packed.  I didn’t use to mind the crowds as much, maybe I am just getting less tolerant as I age.  I’d like to believe I am more tolerant, it’s just that people have become less courteous and progressively worse at understanding fishing etiquette.  Well, I’m starting to rant… let’s just say I’m a guy that needs to catch a fish – soon!

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