Year end recap, 2014 goals

Grass CarpThe author’s first ever catch of a Grass Carp highlighted 2013

Sadly, highlighting 2013 will not take much time.  In typical fashion of the past few years, I do well getting out for a couple months and then the rest of the year there is little to no fishing.  Early in 2013, I managed Brook, Brown and Rainbow Trout, along with a couple Steelhead.  As it headed into Spring, I did a fantastic job getting to the Sandusky River for the White Bass Run, as well as, a multitude of other species with some good catches recorded.  There were also a few trips fishing with my friend’s Darrin and Leo, that were a lot of fun.  The three of us ‘owning’ a local trout derby, Leo’s monster fish on the Sandusky River that snapped his line and Darrin landing the second biggest Largemouth Bass I have seen in person, all stand out.  I can’t pinpoint exactly why my ability to get out became non existent by summer, it just happened.  As many others can attest, it usually has to do with work / life balance.

As I look to 2014, I have thought quite a bit about what I want to accomplish as it relates to fishing;

  1. Watch my 2 year old son catch his first fish
  2. Be consistent in my ability to get out fishing
  3. Shun my spinning gear and only take fly gear on some trips
  4. Explore/find new water
  5. Fish with friends more
  6. Plan a vacation or destination trip that includes some fishing

Wish me luck!

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