CoolWaterFish has moved to WordPress

CWFtruckI want to bring 2013 in with style, and this means migrating to a new format for the site. After countless hours just debating whether the undertaking is worth it, or just scrap doing a fishing site altogether, I’ve decided to give it one last hoorah on WordPress. Trying to be a great husband, father and a career that demands a lot of time, makes it difficult to find the time to fish, let alone write about it when I do get out. With the blog format, the ease of adding content is appealing and if I can’t maintain this… it will truly be time to hang it up so to speak.

A few of you that visit this site regularly, might notice some posts moving around and getting re-written (like this one). This is due to the fact that I want to make this WordPress launch coincide with the start of 2013. It is too daunting of a task to archive over a decade of content, but I am adding everything from the start of this year. In time, through stand alone pages or posts that clearly indicate they are highlighting an old event, I will get my favorite content posted.

As always, I am so thankful for those of you that stop by to hear what I have to say and look at what I have been catching. There have been some great friendships made over the years and I feel blessed to have found countless others who enjoy catching fish, regardless of species.

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