Florida fishing trip to start the year! (Part 2)

CLEARWATER, FL - The second day of fishing I decided I would do a headboat.  I'm very familiar with this type of fishing as we have a good number of them on Lake Erie that run out of Port Clinton, OH.  I used to live in Port Clinton and would go out a few times a year.  Historically, I have not done well on headboats but I had a host of reasons that made this the … [Read More...]


Florida fishing trip to start the year! (Part 1)

CLEARWATER, FL - I am thrilled to report I was able to start 2016 with a somewhat quick trip from Ohio down to Florida.  While I have fished saltwater a handful of times, it has always been off the coast of New Hampshire or Massachusetts, and a single trip out of Atlantic City, NJ.  Needless to say, I was excited to make the trip as fishing saltwater is always a … [Read More...]


Christmas hangover at Wallace Lake

A fine Rainbow Trout from Wallace Lake BEREA, OH - When I recently posted my "Year end recap..." I fully expected that I would not get to fish in the last few days of 2015.  Surprisingly, the unseasonably mild weather and some other favorable circumstances found Bryce … [Read More...]


Year end recap, blog changes, goals for 2016

I want to start by wishing that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and that the new year brings with it the hope and possibility of being the best year ever!  While I always have fun talking about what I did accomplish or want to accomplish fishing, I remain acutely … [Read More...]


Fremont voters approve Ballville Dam removal

The Ballville Dam, 34.4 feet tall, 407 feet long, on the Sandusky River, Ohio, since 1913 It appears the saga of the Ballville Dam removal has finally come to an end.  For those not familiar with the Sandusky River and/or the Fremont, Ohio area, this dam has been the … [Read More...]


Casting for shoreline Steelhead

There are many patterns or specific seasonal efforts fisherman can try on Ohio's north coast.  In the fall, this includes targeting Steelhead that stage in and around the mouths of tributaries before committing to their upstream migration.  Many of these areas have … [Read More...]


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